Introducing Seaton

“I have a simple taste, only the best.” – Oscar Wilde

From country to coast, Seaton Estate presents a diverse lifestyle across 411 hectares of KwaZulu-Natal’s prime North Coast land. Boasting integrated living, this estate is home to world-class equestrian opportunities, exquisite beach residences, generous retirement offerings, retail and markets, offices as well as direct access to private schooling. Characterised by the historic green grasslands, gentrified rural environment, mesmerising ocean, and rehabilitated riparian habitat, Seaton Estate introduces a unique way of living on a grand scale.

This new-generation estate will set a new standard of luxury living, with innovation and sustainability as core principles. Seaton Estate enhances the natural surroundings and your well-being, all within a picturesque setting.

Seaton Estate
Seaton Estate
Seaton Estate


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