If you’re already a Discovery Card client, there are a few changes you need to be aware of in order to ensure your switch is as seamless as possible, as some of your old banking and benefits will change.

1. Becoming a Discovery Bank client

Becoming a Discovery Bank client is a very simple process. All you have to do is:

  1. Register and sign-up on the Discovery Bank app.
    Download the Discovery Bank app and select Join the Bank. You will need your Discovery username and password to register and log in, so make sure you have these on hand. Click here if you need a reminder.
  2. Secure your profile with a Selfie
    The Discovery Bank app makes use of the latest security measures to keep your information as secure as possible. This includes using unique biometric technology to turn your one-of-a-kind face into a one-of-a-kind security identifier. Simply follow the prompts on the app to take a selfie to keep your information safer than ever before.
  3. Pick your perfect card and PIN
    During the sign-up process, you’ll be able to read more about and choose your new Discovery Card. Or for even more rewards, you can pair it with a transaction account for a full banking suite. You will also get choose your own card PIN during the quick sign-up process, so that you are all set up when you receive your card – no more unnecessary trips to the ATM to change your PIN.
  4. Where to deliver your card 
    Discovery Bank will deliver your new Discovery Bank card to you within three working days of signing up on the Discovery Bank app. You can expect a call from Discovery Bank card delivery company to confirm your delivery details.

You can choose your residential address or another address, but remember that the courier will deliver the Discovery Card to you (and no-one else) at this specified address.

2. Your Discovery Bank card

Once you receive your new Discovery Card, you simply need to activate it to start using it. To activate the card, simply log into your Discovery Bank app, select Activate and follow the two-step on-screen prompts.

Activating your card will trigger the following changes:

·         Your old Discovery Card balance will transfer to your new bank card. This should happen instantly, but may have a slight delay.
·         Your old cards, including secondary cards will no longer work from this point onwards.

Important notes: 

  1. If you have a secondary cardholder on your account, they will also need to register on the Discovery Bank app and create their unique security profile.
  2. As the primary card holder, you can initiate the process during your sign-up on the app, or after joining, and invite your secondary card holder to register on the app. This will mean that their details are pre-set up on the app, so the process is quick and easy.
  3. If you have booked travel with your old Discovery Card, for example, car hire and accommodation or Big Concert tickets, don’t destroy your old card as you may need to present the card when checking in or picking up the tickets.

3. Online banking

Once you activate your Discovery Card, you will no longer need an FNB profile on the FNB website or FNB App to manage your card. You will now be able to view and manage your new Discovery Card and any other Discovery Bank accounts by simply logging into the Discovery Bank app.

The Discovery Bank app has been designed with hundreds of features, so you’ll have a bank branch in the palm of your hand. All you need is your Discovery login details to enjoy seamless integration across all Discovery apps, with a single digital login.

4. Making payments and beneficiaries

Paying money into your Discovery Bank account
Because all Discovery Bank accounts have an 11-digit account number, making payments to your Discovery Bank credit card, savings or transaction account is as easy as adding a payment beneficiary.

If you have a Discovery Card, the benefits of an 11-digit account number include being able to make EFT’s directly to and from your credit card, being able to load debit orders for payment, as well as being able to make and receive real-time payments.

To make payments to any of your Discovery Bank accounts, follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Go to the create or add a new personal beneficiary option of the bank account you’re paying from.

Step 2 – Add the following details:

  • Beneficiary name (We recommend using Discovery Bank and an account nickname of your choosing, e.g. Discovery Black CC)
  • Branch code: 679000
  • Account number: (This is the 11-digit account number found on the front of your card or in your Accounts list on the Discovery Bank app.)
  • Account type: 
    • For credit cards or transaction accounts: Select Current or Cheque
    • For savings accounts: Select Savings

Step 3 – You can add a reference if you’d like.

Step 4 – Save these details to your beneficiary list for quick payments in future.

Paying online with your Discovery credit card
For all online purchases and payments with your credit card, you must use your 16-digit credit card number, expiry date and CVV number as per normal. If a merchant bills your credit card or does a refund into your credit card (whether physically or online), they will always use your 16 digit number.

Your new credit card comes with transaction capability that can be used to make payments including debit orders from other institutions. When you join Discovery Bank, your debit orders will not transfer across automatically. Luckily, setting up debit orders on the app is very simple. However, if you need help setting up your debit orders, call Discovery Bank client contact centre on 0860 11 2265 for assistance.

Please also remember to update payments linked to your current Discovery Card over to your new Discovery Bank account.

5. Withdrawing and depositing money

Discovery Bank is a fully digital bank – you can do everything you need on Discovery banking app, so chances are that you won’t need to visit an ATM again anytime soon. However, if you need to withdraw or deposit some cash, you can do this at any Visa-branded ATM in South Africa using your Discovery Bank credit or debit card.

You can also draw cash and make deposits for free from a till point at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer and Spar. Certain Spar franchise stores may be excluded. Each type of transaction is charged differently. Refer to the Discovery Card fees page for more information.

You can also draw money from your transaction account at Visa-branded ATMs internationally, but some international ATMs don’t accept Visa cards.

6. Communication and statements

Your monthly Discovery Bank statements, and other relevant communication will now be available in your secure Inbox within the app. To access these documents at any time, simply go to Documents on the More app menu to access your Inbox.

You can also edit your email or SMS details on the app. Discovery Bank’s unique email domain is: @discovery.bank. We sure to add the domain to your whitelist on your email client.

If you need to access your Discovery Card transaction history, (archived) Discovery Card statements, please phone the Discovery Card service centre on 0860 11 22 73.

Please note that there may be a slight discrepancy in the balance that reflects on your previous Discovery Card and new Discovery Bank statement. The discrepancy is due to a difference in FNB’s and our billing structure as well as the date when your Discovery Bank account was opened. Discovery Bank will reconcile the balance and reallocate any outstanding funds in your next statement.

7. Your Discovery Miles

Once you join Discovery Bank, we’ll automatically carry across your current Discovery Miles balance. You will now be able to track this Discovery Miles balance on the Discovery Bank app, and spend them online, in-store or towards your next flight.

You can look forward to a new Discovery Miles programme which will allow you to accumulate even more Miles and to spend them in new exciting ways.  Discovery will share all the details in the near future.

8. Benefits linked to your Discovery credit card

If you have Discovery benefits linked to your Discovery Card, like a Discovery Life integrator or Apple Watch benefit, these will switch automatically and seamlessly to your new Discovery Bank card. You do not have to do anything to continue benefitting from these offerings.

9. Your Vitality rewards

As a Discovery Card holder with Vitality, you will enjoy boosted Vitality rewards with Discovery Bank. Your cash back  will now be paid into your Vitality Savings Account, which is free and is automatically set up on your account when you join Discovery Bank. You have access to this money whenever you need it, so you can spend it however you choose or you can watch it grow and build up your savings.

Please take note of some of the changes to your current Vitality rewards:

  • Your HealthyFood benefit

You will need a new HealthyFood benefit card after you have moved across to Discovery Bank. This card will be delivered to you with your new Discovery Card. Once you receive it, simply go online to link this card to your profile, and continue to use the card at Pick n Pay as always.

To earn HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths, simply present your Woolworths loyalty card at the till before the cashier rings up your purchases and then pay with your Discovery Card. 

  • Travel rewards

Your travel rewards cash back will change and you will now earn up to 15% cash back when you book with our Dream Destination travel partners: Contiki, Royal Caribbean International and World Leisure Holidays. Your cash back is based on your Vitality Money status, Discovery Bank account type and your qualifying Discovery credit card spend at the time of your first payment.

Please note: 

  • Your cash back is no longer based on your Vitality Health status. 
  • You can now book for anyone on your secondary Discovery Bank account. 
  • You can still use your Discovery Miles to pay towards your holiday.
  • Uber

You can now get additional cash back on your Uber trips based on your Vitality Money status, Discovery Bank account type and your qualifying Discovery Card spend. Get up to 20% on Purple, up to 15% on Black and Platinum and up to 10% on Gold Card when you pay for your Uber trips with Discovery Card. This is in addition to any discount you receive if you are a Discovery Insure client with Vitality 

10. Get in touch, or report fraud

Once you sign up on the Discovery Bank app, you’ll be able to do everything on the app like customise your cards, accounts and limits and start transacting immediately. If you do want to speak to anyone though, our service team are ready to assist you on 0860 11 22 65.

If you have a question about your old Discovery Card, please contact this service team:

We have set up state-of-the-art fraud detection systems, controls and processes. For assistance during office hours (8.00 to 17.00), please call us on 0860 11 22 65. For any fraud-related emergencies after hours call us on 011 324 4444.


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