Over the weekend Discovery Bank launch it’s first set of adverts for the bank and they were, well… disappointing.

Discovery have traditional been a very innovative company and their products show this. Discovery prides itself on changing peoples behaviour for the better, For making people healthier, live longer, drive better and now to be financially healthier.

I’m not going to address the actual details of Discovery Bank in this post because there is a lot to talk about and things will change as Discovery adapt.

This post is specifically about their adverts they released. Do these adverts inspire you to join the bank?

Here is the first advert:

This advert makes me think of Apple’s recent advertising, which I am not a fan of either. For me advertising it about convincing people “Why” they should buy your product. The advert is what I would categories as a lifestyle advert. Apple do this with their iPhone adverts because iPhone’s are lifestyle products. I am not a fan of this style of advertising because other than hoping that I want to be like on of the famous people in the adverts there is not much substance. I expected much more form Discovery Bank, a bank promising to be different.

Here is the second ad:

While this advert actually gives some reason to join the bank it’s not something that is unique to Discovery Bank. FNB have been doing this for a while now. I also think the Discovery Bank’s target market is most similar to FNB’s target market so not sure why you would try target FNB’s clients with a feature that they are aware of.

Here is the third ad:

Now this is an advert that makes sense!

This reminds me of the “Get a Mac” adverts. It explains the product in a simple and comical why which gets a smile on my face and puts me is a good mood. Now that is something worth talking about and moving bank for. Remember the FNB Steve adverts?

There are a number of other adverts with famous people which don’t inspire me any more than the first two adverts did.

The third advert in my option is a winner and I hope Discovery make more of these.

What do you think of Discovery Bank’s adverts? Did they inspire you or did they just pass you by?

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